Thursday, April 18, 2013

No news is good news

It has been a while since I updated this blog. Well there have been certain things which have kept me busy. Things are still not perfect but are on track as of now. I have started a digital marketing company called Dot Creatives Digital Agency. I have also established another entity called One Events - an event management and BTL promotions company.

Ojas has started going to a big school now. His school is called Kunskapsskolan. It is in Gurgaon. He really likes the school as of now. 
In his own words he likes the school for three reasons:
1.It is big
2.It has many toys
3.He goes to school with his mama.

Here is going to school today

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Diwali, the time for sweets, lights, crackers and teen-patti. Diwali over the years has had different meaning to me. As a kid Diwali meant a lot of crackers which we would start lighting up just after Dushehra. As I grew older lighting crackers had lost its charm. Although I would still light an occasional laddi or anaar. The only fun left in crackers was lighting a rocket face down and see it jump of the speed breakers on the road. Once a rocket did not lift up and went under the charpai of the folks of the corner sweet shop. That was real crazy. Also remember we had these rocket wars where the other street kids would light a rocket from their end and we would then retaliate. Those were the days :).

Coming back to teen-patti. This was around the days in college when Diwali was eagerly awaited because of the card parties. Diwali had a new meaning. I was and am not a compulsive gambler and never played high stakes. But playing cards around Diwali was something different. It was pure fun as all friends would come together and keep on playing all night. I think the fun of meeting friends and beeing out all night also added to the excitement of playing cards.

Now, I have been playing cards every Diwali since the college days till the last few years. The last few years it has been rather dull as friends have moved to distant locations. Others are married and prefer to be with their families. Even the unmarried prefer to be with their families. But this year I have already had two sessions and will probably have few more before Diwali. Wish me luck and may I win this year. BTW, I have not won even once on Diwali.

So the meaning of Diwali has changed once again. After marriage, Diwali means doing the lakshmi puja together at the house with everyone. Maybe laksmi will hear our prayers this year :). Anyways, I always did the puja at home but then it was just puja and then out. Now it's puja and dinner and some candle/diya lighting and some crackers. This year might be still different.

This year will be my first Diwali in a new home. My first Diwali as a father. First Diwali of Ojas, my son. Dont know how he will react to the lights and the sounds. He does get scared when there is a loud sound now. Just hope he adapts well and grows out of this.

Anyways, wish all of you a Happy Diwali and may you be loaded with wealth and happiness always.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Kid is Born

The young good looking chap is here. I am now a generation older. Can I still play video games now?